Quick Facts

Official title: Republic of Malta


Location: 93Km south of Pozallo, Sicily, Italy


Capital City: Valletta


Largest town: Birkirkara


Population: 414,000


Area: 312 Km2


Religion: 95% Roman Catholic


Language: Maltese, English


EU accession: May 2004


Currency: Euro


Time Zone: CET(GMT+1)


Driving: Left of the road

Useful Maltese Phrases


Hello: Hello / Bonġu

How are you?: Kif inti?

I'm fine, thanks. And you?: Tajjeb(m) Tajba(f), grazzi. U inti?

What's your name?: X'jismek?

My name is .. :  Jisimni ..

Where are you from?:  Minn fejn int?

I'm from ..: Jien minn ..

Pleased to meet you: Għandi pjaċir

Good morning: Bonġu/ L-għodwa t-tajba

Good afternoon: Wara nofs in-nar it-tajjeb

Good evening/night: Bonswa/ Il-Lejla it-tajba

Goodbye: Ċaw/ Saħħa

Good luck: Xewqat sbieħ/ Awguri

Cheers: Saħħa! Ċirs!

Have a nice day: Il-gurnata t-tajba

Bon appetit: L-ikla t-tajba

Bon voyage: Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb!

Excuse me: Skużi! Skużani!

Sorry: Skużani!

Thank you: Grazzi

You're welcome: Ta' xejn

I love you: Inħobbok

How do you say .. in Maltese?: Kif tghid .. bil-Malti?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Il-Milied Ħieni u s-Sena t-Tajba

Happy Easter: L- Għid it-tajjeb

These are the Maltese Islands...


Why choose Malta?

There is no other place in the world you can visit with so many attractions clustered together. The archipelago spans over 312KM2, making the touristic sites only minutes drive away.

Situated in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta offers something for everyone. 1,300,000 tourists (including cruise liner Passengers) choose Malta every year as their holiday destination, which is quite a number considering that the whole country is only half the size of London. The reason they come over varies drastically. Some come to Malta on business trips and conferences. Others adore the Mediterranean blue sea, sun and sky. The weather is fantastic for country walks during the winter months. Definately it is a haven for history and culture lovers. Malta boasts the oldest free standing structures in the World and its capital city, Valletta, is a UNESCO heritage site.

Why should you hire a Tourist Guide?

Parrots are only beautiful in the wild.

Hire a Real Guide!!

If you're a traveler who is looking to get the most out of your vacation, take the advantage of a guided tour. Enjoying a beach resort and simply lounging can be a fun experience, but a guided tour of a foreign country creates memories. A guided tour is the most convenient and practical way, to take in a foreign destination. It saves travelers time, and eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress.

Guided tours might be a little bit more expensive. But they are safer and more organized. You never have to decipher confusing maps or look like a lost kitten in the middle of nowhere.

Planning out your vacation criteria is a difficult process. There are tons of different sightseeing options.  Narrowing down the best locations can be cumbersome. Then you have to rent a car or learn how the public transport works, plan out a travel route, worry about getting lost, and a vacation becomes a stressful experience.

A guide will transport you directly to the landmark and then give you expert information. By taking a guided tour, you will learn things which you simply couldn't by traveling to a destination alone.

The convenience of a guided tour begins even before the traveling does.

“Top Reasons to Take a Guided Tour”

1. You Don’t Have the Time or Patience – Let the guide do all the work for you. Planning takes a lot of time and patience.

2. If You Are Going in a Large Group – Nothing can be harder to coordinate a long trip with a large group. You have to coordinate WHAT you will see. In Malta there are at least 24 audio visual shows advertised (all with more or less the same theme), tens of museums, numerous boat trips, and hundreds of churches. A Tourist Guide will select the best sites to visit according to YOUR tastes.

3. You Don’t Know What to See – If you are traveling to a country or location that you have never been to, you probably don’t know what to see. You can read reviews in magazines and on the internet, but that takes a lot of time and there are so many reviews on the internet, it’s hard to figure out what to see. Tourist Guides do these tours all the time and will know which sites are the most popular and worthy to see.

4. Don’t get hooked by tourist traps – As the testimonials on this website can vow, Malta is a place that has a lot to offer and there is a lot to enjoy. But when your time is limited you can and will get caught in tourist traps (unless you are accompanied by a professional guide).

In your own interest when in Malta make sure that your guide is licensed. Unlicensed guiding in Malta is ILLEGAL.

THE Official Malta Tourism Authority Licence can be viewed HERE.

A cheap tour many times means that the explanation will be carried out by an unqualified person or the driver's broken English, and I'm sure you don't want to get Taken for a Ride.

Well I’m sure you get the point.

Spectacular view of the harbour from the Valletta fortifications.

Post Cards



The Office of the Prime Minister



British letter box in Valletta

  Presidential Guard

Vintage Bus


Hagar Qim Temple



Mosta Church



The Blue Lagoon



The Portomaso Tower



St. John's Cathedral



Costa Pacifica docked in Valletta



The Blue Grotto



The Gardiola tower by night