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My name is Ernest Meli and I live on the charming Island of Malta, which boasts a rich history, begining with the Temple period, on to the Romans, all the way through the Knights of Malta, Napoleon, the British and finally and independent E.U. member state.

I love to tell a great story, so Malta is a haven for me and my clients who want to know all about the architecture, legends, Pirates, Battles, World War 2, and the all time favorite Dark Tour.

The Maltese Islands spans over just 312 km2, so I literally know every corner of the place.

I am licensed to guide in English, Italian and Maltese, and my satisfied clients range from, Kids on board the "Disney Magic" Cruise Liner to pensioners who want to take it easy, from foreign students who come to Malta to practice their English to groups who come for a whole week.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Anonymous proverb, often attributed to Confucius.

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British Group (Milton Keynes, England, November 2011)

Ernest was excellent , very accommodating and helping to arrange transfers. The talk was very informative and with such a large group his voice carried very well. Thank you a very enjoyable day

Valerie Wallace


Private Tour (England, July 2011) 

Ernest was waiting for us on the quay side with a car, to transport us up to the old town, and then gave us a comprehensive walking tour of Valletta, incorporating a visit inside the cathedral. He related the history of the town, pointing out all places of interest. The route he chose for us took into account the fact that I was pushing my wife in a wheelchair.We were highly satisfied with the service given by Ernest

Harry Minshull


Italian Group (Treviso, Italy, March 2011)


Italian Group (Brescia, Italy, September 2010)


Mattia Loy (Sardinia, Italy, April 2010)


Calle Franklin (Sweeden, September 2009)

Hi Ernest.

Back in business.
A beautiful day in Lycksele.
8 degrees and a bright sun.
The fall is coming with big steps.

We had a great time in Malta and everyone enjoyed the tour in Valetta.
They were impressed of your knowledge's. You had an answer for every question.
I hope I will have reason to contact you again in the future.

Best regards
Calle Franklin


Group of students from all over the world who came to study English in Malta (September 2009)


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If you would like to be accompanied  around any part of the Maltese Islands by a professional Guide all you have to do is call,  e-mail me with your request. (see bottom of page) or fill in the form below.


Transfers from any point, to any point on the archipelago can also be fixed.