Did you know that...

Ggantijja Temples in Gozo, are the oldest free standing structures in the world.

tradition has it that the island of Gozo was in fact the island of Ogygia, the domain of the nymph Calypso in Homer's Odyssey.

there are 1000 different species of plants that produce flowers in Malta. A high number when considering that the U.K. has 800.


the Great Siege of Malta in 1565, marked the end of the Ottoman's Empire expansion.

Tour 2A: Gozo

The Sister Island of Malta

Gozo is also know as "The Island of the Three Hills" or "Calypso's Island", as it is said that the Greek mythological hero Ulysis spent seven years on the island.

It takes only 25 minutes for the ferry to make the crossing, making the island easily accessible.

(Above: The Azure Window one of Gozo's natural wonders.)

Gozo offers:

  1. Pre- historic temples
  2. Historical centres
  3. Natural wonders
  4. Charming villages
  5. Sanctuaries
  6. Trekking
  7. Craft centres
  8. Splendid sandy beaches
  9. Typical cuisine
  10. Panoramic views

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Tour 2B: Trekking

Explore the Maltese Countryside

There are quite a number of interesting routes that one can follow in the Maltese country side. The trails will take us along some panoramic views, charming hamlets and historical sites.

(Many of the routes in Malta's countryside are asphalted roads.)

(Above: Cliffs forming part of the Bahrija walk.)

(Below: A typical Maltese Girna, a hut in the countryside.)

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Tour 2C: 1565 The Great Siege of Malta

Above: The Siege of Malta - Capture of Fort St Elmo , Fresco by Matteo Perez d' Aleccio.

"Nothing is more well known than the siege of Malta". Voltaire: French philosopher.

The Great Siege of Malta took place between May and September of 1565. The battles were the bloodiest Maltese soil ever saw.

On one side were the Knights of Malta and the Maltese led by La Valette. On the other the Ottoman army, one of the largest the seven seas ever saw, sent by Suleiman the Magnificent.

Outnumbered four to one, the Knights held their ground.

Grandmaster La Valette's cry was:


This tour will take us through several places around Malta with special attention to the Great Siege, which include Valletta, Mdina and Cottonera.

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